6 Tips to Help You Transition to Cloud-Based HCM and Financial Management Software

A software deployment is no small feat. Regardless of the size and type of organization, transitioning from legacy systems to cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) or Financial Management software takes time and resources. Before you begin your technology deployment, you’ll want to have a full understanding of not only the technical aspects of the process, but the change management best practices as well. As a Manager of Consulting Services, here are some of the top client tips and tricks I’ve seen to help you make the most of your technology investment!

1. Simplify Requirements

Oftentimes, customers will decide to continue configuration of their cloud-based software over an extended period, even well-past their initial deployment. Do an in-depth examination of your existing business requirements to determine what will fit your needs. What core functionality is vital to customer experiences at go-live? Can certain features be built out in the future? Does a phased rollout make sense for your business? Cloud technology may be more flexible than your current system, but it can take time to become familiar with the more advanced capabilities of your new system. By simplifying business requirements, your cloud deployment partner can help you determine the most cost-effective and seamless deployment plan for Finance and HR transformation.

2. Encourage Active Participation

Involve your subject-matter experts and end users as early as possible in the deployment process, even before vendor selection. Encourage them to speak up about what they’d like to see and not see in an HCM or Financial Management platform. Collecting early feedback can ensure you are capturing accurate requirements. Giving users early access and the ability to provide input also promotes ownership and buy-in for features and functionality. The result will be complete user adoption of your new technology.

3. Clean Up Your Data

Clean, relevant data will help your deployment stay on-time and get you started on the right foot in your new cloud environment, while messy data can throw a wrench in the plans. Put some thought into what you can do to ensure your data is as clean as it can be prior to starting a deployment. Did your company undergo a reorganization that’s incomplete in your legacy system? Do you have outdated payroll codes no longer in use? Do you have several ledger accounts with no activity or zero-dollar balances? When is the last time employees updated their beneficiary information? If you’re not able to clean up your data, identify problem areas prior to beginning your software deployment so your deployment partner can identify a resolution.


Did I mention testing? Start identifying test scenarios and cases early in the deployment process. The importance of testing functionality against your requirements cannot be underestimated! Adopt an approach for continuous testing once you go live. Monitor new functionality releases to make the most of your investment, and continue to test for scenarios that might arise. You’ll have seamless use of your new technology, and processes will run smoothly with continuous testing.

5. Embrace Change

Technology is continuously improving, and your ability to adapt to changes could give you a competitive advantage! Moving to a cloud-based system means more frequent updates and functionality releases that will improve the user experience. Make sure you have a team assembled to manage new feature releases, and strong change management in place to embrace the transformation.

6. Connect with Other Users

With a modern technology, you should have a modern way to connect with other users. Find out if there is an online or regional user community you can join. You may discover new functionality you could be utilizing, or maybe you can benefit from support of other customers who may have experienced similar issues. Whether you answer others’ specific questions, or you have your own questions answered, you’ll be able to make connections and network for even more HR and Finance advantages.

Each technology deployment is different, but these essential tips will help ensure that you can make the most of your investment. For more information on what you should keep in mind to streamline your deployment, view our blog ‘If Only I’d Known; Workday Implementation Advice from a Customer Turned Consultant’ or hear about the deployment experience from the customer perspective on our webinar with Legg Mason, below.

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