Accelerate Your Workday Student Deployment

Every software deployment is unique. Take higher ed institutions for example. They can be confronted with varying budgets and project teams, and time can be an extremely scarce commodity. Project timelines can be tight, and you and your team are required to wear many hats. From participating in design reviews to testing and re-testing the system before go-live, who has time to communicate and train the user community? That’s where Collaborative Solutions’ Student Accelerator offering can help with your Workday Student deployment.

Developed by Collaborative Solutions, the Student Accelerator will provide you with the tools and templates to get your change management strategy in motion, ensuring a smooth deployment. Research shows that without a change management strategy, 60-70% of system deployments don’t meet their objectives. With limited funding and competing initiatives, there’s only one chance for a successful deployment.

What does the Student Accelerator include?

In order to adopt an innovative system, such as Workday Student, it’s important to keep in mind the following steps. First, your change manager must understand his/her role and enlist the assistance of team members to plan communication activities as well as prepare for, develop, and deliver training. After the planning comes the change management and training design and development activities. This is where the Student Accelerator has the potential to save you time, help you gain efficiencies, and assist with laying the foundation for end-user success. With the Student Accelerator, you will receive:

A Change Management Approach & Communication Plan

  • Contains materials to address why change management is essential to achieving your project’s objectives and your role in navigating the change
  • Provides a plan for communication activities with details for messaging, audience, delivery methods, and the timing of each event

Training Needs Assessment & Curriculum Plan

  • Offers a training needs inventory for your organization and the roles involved in key business processes
  • Includes sample curriculum plans with suggested delivery methods to help your training team build a system that meets the needs of your user communities
  • Provides pre-populated training needs assessments and curriculum plans that identify common user roles; roles are mapped to essential business process

Facilitator Guides, Job Aids, & Activities

  • Contains learning objectives and comprehensive PowerPoint presentations with detailed instructor notes
  • Includes job aids that contain step-by-step instructions and field level descriptions
  • Recommends activities for participants that include real-world demonstrations and hands-on practice

Train-the-Trainer Package

  • Prepares your trainers with strategies to engage participants
  • Contains instructions on how to use the training materials, the trainer skills assessment, the delivery checklist
  • Includes a sample training survey

Using these tools will help you determine your training scope, who should be trained, how your system is being configured, and what tasks your staff will be involved in. The materials contained within the Student Accelerator serve as a standalone change management and training solution, but are flexible enough to be adapted for an institution’s specific Workday Student configuration.

Get to the Finish Line Faster

Your end goal is to engage your users and help them feel confident using Workday Student in as short of a timeframe as possible. With the Student Accelerator, you don’t need to start your change management and training solution from scratch. Your team will be able to focus on other areas of the project instead of spending time developing training materials.

Contact our Higher Education Portfolio Managers to discuss a Workday Student change management solution that is right for you. We can guide you through the process and partner with you to develop custom training products that help you and your team optimize the use of Workday Student.

Let’s collaborate and help you get to the finish line faster.

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