Change It Up, Train It Up: The Power of Effective Change Management and Training

Those of you who read the blog already know that we presented with our customer, Service Corporation International (SCI), at Workday Rising 2014. SCI, North America’s largest single provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services, deployed Workday HCM and Payroll in July 2014, during a 13-month deployment.

Nothing is more valuable for Workday customers than the ability to learn from one another and leverage their shared experiences, so we were so excited to partner with SCI and have them share their personal journey to Workday in two separate sessions.

The first session was led by Vicki Luquette, Change Management Manager at SCI. Vicki led the full-cycle change effort for SCI’s Workday deployment, including their communications strategy, a multi-layered change champion and coaching network, and outcomes assessments. Her presentation focused specifically on outcomes and adoption metrics – in particular, how a large company can work to understand whether their Workday roll-out was a success. Vicki shared how SCI combined early strategic planning with Workday’s reporting capabilities to define, measure, and use adoption metrics related to their desired project outcomes.

We were pleased to have an engaging conversation with plenty of questions and call-outs to specific needs and differences of other customers in the room. Collaborative teamed with Vicki to address these questions that many would consider as they establish and measure user adoption, including:

  • How and when to use Workday data vs. external data
  • How and when to use Workday’s Report Writer framework vs. translating Workday outputs into more familiar formats
  • Strategies for building and sustaining data-based engagement, then carrying that engagement past go-live
  • Ways to make adoption reporting sustainable and related decisions around report design, length of use, and ability to replicate for future phases or M&A transitions
  • Level of effort and the ROI related to building a strong measurement framework

Our second session was led by Charles Alvarez, Director of HR Talent Management at SCI. Charles held oversight of the multi-faceted training effort for Workday at SCI, including both active training delivery and ongoing, passive support structures like job aids and help tools. Charles’ presentation focused on the former. With employee-driven Time Tracking as a key piece of SCI’s Workday strategy, Charles’ team sought to create a safe environment where end users could get early, hands-on experience with the system, even before it was fully configured and tested. Charles discussed the strategy behind SCI’s choice to establish a separate training tenant during their deployment and explained the process by which we structured, maintained, and utilized a training environment containing “play” data for over 1,200 organizations and 20,000 workers.

We again had a lively discussion on the topic, focusing particularly on how we used early change management activities to pilot the environment, then scaled up our data and access as time went on. By the end of the session, several other Workday customers began thinking through how they might incorporate a similar solution into their own training and tenant management plans.

Overall, Workday Rising provided us with a robust opportunity to connect with SCI and demonstrate to other customers just how powerful Change Management and Training can be when used effectively. We look forward to future opportunities to partner with these and other customers to apply our techniques and share our strategic findings.