Culture Check: Perspective from a Protégé

Collaborative Solutions has an intuitive and organic method of training, part of which is the mentor program. There is no doubt mentors are based on their Workday knowledge and ability to embody the Collabie culture and attitude. Like most things in life, success begins with a good support system. My mentors are a great support system.

How would I define “mentor”? Most people think a mentor is a teacher. Obviously, mentors are teachers of curriculum, culture, and company services and products. But my experience with Collaborative Solutions has shown me a good mentor is someone who is a therapist, a coach, and a friend. As the therapists, they give you support and encouragement. As coaches, they push you to build and grow. And sometimes, they just need to be the friend to listen. A good mentor embodies all these qualities and I am privileged enough to have this at Collaborative Solutions.

As teachers, my mentors helped me through the process of learning a new enterprise solution, Workday. Whether it was to spend the evening reviewing material from the Workday Certification class earlier that day, or to go into a deeper-dive about Workday Time Tracking after shadowing a project --my mentors were, and continue to be, available to teach me and help me improve my skills.

As therapists, mentors help relieve the stress of starting with a new company. It’s never easy being the “new kid” and no matter what your background or experience, every company does things differently. So of course, I had lots of questions when I started: What’s expected of me, pre and post training? How do this or do that…? Who do I ask about my benefits? How do I enter my timesheet? How do I distinguish what billable hours are? How do I set up a WebEx? It was nice to have a person designated to answer these questions so I never felt like I was bothering someone. It was like having my own Collabie search engine. I never felt like a question was too small, or too complicated to ask. Besides relieving the stress, my mentors were so encouraging and always shared in my excitement of learning Workday.

As coaches, my mentors were consistently there to answer any questions or point me in the right direction. My initial training included a three day internal training course, and a three week, two-part Workday HCM Certification course. After my structured training, I began shadowing a project. After my first three months with Collaborative Solutions, I felt very comfortable with Workday and the resources available to me because they guided me and cheered me on along the way!

As friends, my mentors helped me transition into the culture. Collaborative greatly values its culture and the mentors protect and instill it. They are the role models: they set the tone and pace, and they achieve success because of it. This step is missed sometimes in other organizations and is good to have in addition to the functional training.

Collaborative’s mentor program has definitely prepared me for success in this always-changing industry.