Preparing for a Move to Workday Benefits Administration

In a recent blog post, I wrote about some of the elements to be considered when preparing to deploy a SaaS solution. As a go-to implementer of Workday’s SaaS solutions, we’ve seen a variety of common challenges related to data administration and business process policy throughout various projects. Based on our experience working with customers to replace “legacy” benefits administration systems or third party administrators with Workday Benefits Administration, below the jump are some of the activities we see as useful preparations.

  • Consolidate contact information for all your insurance carriers and third party administrators. One of the first things you’ll do when the project begins is reach out to them to coordinate changing data feeds from your current system to Workday.
  • Create a reference document with key contract dates, especially renewal dates. (Helpful hint: know when they expire!). If you plan to change providers, try to avoid having too many things happening at once.
  • Ask your employees to update dependent and beneficiary information, as well as their emergency contacts. These relationships can be linked in Workday, so it’s good to start with current, correct records.
  • Review your business processes for approving benefit election changes triggered by life changes. Consider simplifying, streamlining, and standardizing – The Three S’s!
  • Sketch a drawing of the existing system, including all integrations to and from external systems and vendors. Also note when and how files are transferred. This will help you jump-start integration discovery.

One of the surest ways to hold costs down in implementations is to have a clear picture of where you are, and where you want to go. These simple tasks will help keep your project on track, and pay big dividends!

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