Collabie Spotlight: Marcus Foden

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November Spotlight: Marcus Foden

Title: HCM Associate Consultant

Location: Reston, VA

Tenure: Since July 2019

Why did you choose Collaborative?

When I was applying for a job after graduation, I was looking for a company that not only made a difference, but also a role where I could make an impact right away. While researching Collaborative, I saw how much the company invests in their employees to help them advance and grow, so I knew it was the kind of company I wanted to join. Collaborative’s culture creates a sense of unity among its employees, which means that I can always ask someone if I have a question without fear of judgment.

Tell us a little bit about your background!

I graduated from VCU in May of this past year, where I studied Human Resource Management. I had always wanted to work in healthcare, and that’s where most of my experience was. When I was applying for jobs, my fiancé worked in a similar role to this one and recommended the program to me. After doing research into Collaborative Solutions, I knew I had to apply. Collaborative is taking on more projects in the healthcare space, so being at the forefront of such a booming company and industry is something I’m thankful for.

What makes you enjoy the Associate Consultant program?

I love the Associate Consultant program because they truly invest in you both as a person and as an employee. It’s hard to get human resources software experience while you’re in college. There’s no 400-level class in cloud deployment fundamentals, but going through the training program has helped me more than most of my college education! Outside the skills you learn in the classroom, it helped me build a network within my cohort and a group of friends from all around the country.

How has the program helped you grow as a person and in your career?

Cloud-based HR & Financials software is one of the fastest-growing knowledge bases right now. Being able to learn advanced skills in these areas has helped me build a foundation for my career. My job as an HCM Associate Consultant has also given me a plethora of experience in Benefits, Compensation, Talent, Recruitment, and many more areas. Most of my friends’ first jobs are so focused on one small area that they never truly learn to see the full puzzle! I’m so thankful I get to experience so much of HR and truly expand my knowledge base so that I can eventually become a subject matter expert.

How have you been embraced into the culture of the company?

You get out of a company what you put into it... if you choose the right place. I dove in headfirst at Collaborative: between the Halloween costume contest, Culture Club, and volunteering whenever possible. My parents always taught me that if you ever try something, you should give it your full effort and I have tried to live that out.

Why do you enjoy working here?

Back when I was studying for my certifications, no matter how stressed I got, I always had coworkers to motivate me and take the time to help me when and where I struggled. I knew I chose the right role at the right company when I realized that the people here always take the time and effort to care, and a lot of my friends I’ve talked to since graduation haven’t had experiences like that. I’m thankful to all the Collabies who have helped me along the way.

Which show are you currently watching?

I’ve always been a huge fan of anything & everything Disney. Since Disney+ dropped, I haven’t had anything else on my TV. It’s a great to be able to watch all the nostalgic Disney movies from my childhood, then go straight into an Avengers movie, and then fall asleep to the Simpsons. It’s hard to pick just one show, but if I can narrow it down to one category, it’s Disney!

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