Collabie Spotlight: Ethan Powell

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December Spotlight: Ethan Powell

Title: Consultant

Location: Rochester, New York

Tenure: Since January 2019

Why did you choose Collaborative?

Balance.  When I looked for an organization to join, Collaborative immediately surfaced as a company that was a leader in its field, but didn’t achieve that at the expense of its people.  When Balance was formalized as one of our core values, I was totally unsurprised.  From top management down, there is a real sense that the people are the priority.  It makes managing the work and home fronts a lot easier.

What makes you enjoy working at Collaborative?

The people.  The Student practice is full of amazing human beings with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a willingness to learn and grow together.  I'm constantly in contact with my teammates: troubleshooting, sharing tips & tricks, and just generally supporting each other.  There’s always someone to lend a hand or commiserate with.  It makes for a great working environment.

How has Collaborative helped you grow as a person and in your career?

Exposure.  Working at Collaborative has exposed me to a much wider world of professionals, challenges, and working experiences.  I have been encouraged to grow the breadth and depth of my knowledge in a variety of ways that I hadn’t thought possible.  Collaborative has fostered that growth across the board, and I very much look forward to my future here.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Without a doubt, telekinesis.  I’ve always wanted to fly, what better way?  

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Watching Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas with family and friends.  It’s a great holiday movie, but the message isn’t restricted to the Christmas season by any means.  By the giving of ourselves and our gifts, we can find ways to better the whole world around us.  Put a hole in the wash tub.  Hoc that tool chest.  You may be very surprised where it takes you next.

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