Collabie Spotlight: Jordan Ellis

This series highlights amazing employees who exemplify the 'Collabie' way. Each month, a new hire who hit the ground running or a tenured high-performing employee will be featured to share about their experience working for Collaborative Solutions. From career paths to culture, get the inside scoop directly from those who bring the talent and fun every day, making us an award-winning workplace!

October Spotlight: Jordan Ellis

Title: Project Coordinator

Location: Atlanta, GA

Been with Collaborative for: 1 year 3 months

Why did you choose Collaborative?

Coming out of graduate school, I was looking for an opportunity with a company to sharpen my soft skills, learn some hard skills, and contribute to a culture that both wanted me there and was a good fit for me. I had no prior exposure to the information technology/information systems world, or to the consulting world, so my decision was essentially based on the culture of the company and finding a place that I could see myself growing with over time. I chose Collaborative Solutions because they showed me that both of those things were possible. As it pertains to the company culture, I was immediately impressed with the individuals I met at Collaborative. From the recruiter, all the way up to my director, everyone showed interest in me both as an employee and, more importantly, as a person. Regarding chances for growth, I saw a company that was consistently evolving and knew that I would be given opportunities as I began my professional career.

What does your day-to-day look like in your role?

I work internally for the company on our Center of Delivery Excellence (CODE) team. My role requires me to collaborate with people from across the business, and as such, my day-to-day can vary. My typical responsibilities include maintaining and improving our project tools, daily data audits, coordinating and facilitating organizational meetings, supporting our Delivery team, and developing our methodologies. While my activities may change depending on the day, the one thing that I always strive to keep consistent is providing efficient and efficacious support for the teams I work with.

What do you love about your job?

I'm interested in the nuances of the many activities I get to perform daily. I enjoy the fact that my job is almost never going to be the same on any given day, and that the needs of the company dictate my role rather than my role being limited by position-based parameters. I get to work with every team in the company, ranging from sales and resource management to consulting and portfolio. This cross-organizational collaboration allows me to see the full impact of the work that I do individually and that the company does as a whole. I love being challenged in all areas of my life, so being able to assist my organization in a variety of ways really resonates with me. It pushes me to be innovative in how I solve the issues our teams face. Most importantly, I appreciate the quality of people that I get to work with and truly feel that I have been blessed with an amazing team and great coworkers all around.

What does it take to be successful in your role?

Because this role is so involved with the different groups within the company, it requires you to be flexible in order to juggle different requests from a variety of sources. Flexible multi-tasking is key in ensuring you are staying up to date with responsibilities. Additionally, organization is pivotal as it pertains to keeping your activities in proper alignment. Multi-tasking is like a nice car, it will get you where you need to go, but without the proper tire alignment (read: organization) that car will not run as smoothly as it should. Also, communication is vital. Continuing with the car analogy - a great car with reliable tires is nice, but if you don't know where you are going, then you are likely to end up in the wrong location. Effective communication in this role ensures that you are performing the right activities for each of the initiatives that you are supporting, and promotes individual knowledge transfer, as well. Lastly, you have to enjoy a good balance with your work. If you can find ways to make work fun for you and those around you, then you are sure to find success.

How does Collaborative help you grow as a person and in your career?

Professionally, the hard and soft skills that I have learned at Collaborative are unmatched in the value they have added to my career. I have had the opportunity to master numerous software tools and applications thanks to the tremendous experts that we have within the company. Collaborative Solutions is dedicated to supporting its employees as their full selves and this has shown to be especially true for me in my role. My manager is always looking for ways to bring my personal interest into my work to make sure that my growth within the company is reflective of who I want to be professionally. I already mentioned communication earlier, but the impact that my work at Collaborative has had on improving my communication skills cannot be overstressed. From the CODE team, I have learned how to communicate issues and solutions to a wide range of individuals, and this has transferred to how I communicate in my personal life, as well.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

One power is tough to pick... but I would go with time manipulation. I am intrigued by historical happenings and future forecasts. I feel that if I could manipulate time, I would be able to find the answers to solve many of the issues plaguing the world. I would love to meet some of the most influential figures of all time and pick their brains. There is a great quote by David Mitchell that says, "Travel far enough, you meet yourself." Traveling is my favorite thing in the world and time manipulation would allow me to see the world in unimaginable ways. Life is a race against the clock, but if I can control the clock, then it becomes less of a race and more of a journey.

What’s your favorite TV show at the moment?

Right now, I am ENTHRALLED with "Lovecraft Country" on HBO. There is something to be said about a TV show that can mix real historical horrors with SCI-FI elements to paint an accurate picture of a country's past atrocities with a creative twist. Lovecraft Country is extremely entertaining and even more so educational in nature. While the show is based in the 1950's Jim Crow era of the United States, it reflects many of the issues that people were (and still are) dealing with in this country and across the globe.

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