Increasing College Student Retention with Workday Student

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities across the globe had to transition quickly from in-person learning to virtual, remote classes. The sudden change highlighted the need for up-to-date and user-friendly digital software for both students and school faculty. 

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the fall of 2020 saw a decline in first-year students returning to classes for their second year. The returning percentage dropped to 73.9, the lowest rate of returning students since 2012. This primarily affected community colleges, where their retention rates fell to 51.6 percent. The difficulty of continuing virtual learning combined with the uncertainty of what to expect when returning to in-person classes left some students feeling that postponing their education was the best answer. Colleges are struggling with keeping students enrolled and are searching for solutions to improve student retention rates and thus safeguard revenue. 

Colleges and universities need technology solutions that can help them improve college student retention while also reducing operational costs and streamlining internal processes. By utilizing a more modern student information system like Workday Student, higher education organizations can better position themselves to combat falling retention rates. 

What is Workday Student? 

With each incoming class, the students at colleges and universities become more tech-savvy than the last. Today, registering for classes or viewing the progress of a payment plan should be as easy and friendly for the user as social media sites are. Workday Student makes it simple for students to navigate their academic and financial information, along with important school-wide news, to keep them informed and engaged. At the same time, Workday Student can assist in improving admissions rates, to help colleges and universities bring in students that are a better fit for them and more likely to stay. 

How Workday Student Increases College Student Retention 

There are a variety of factors impacting the college student retention rate, from competition to economic factors and people’s perceived value of a college education. While schools can’t change the economy, they can improve on what’s in their control. Creating a better experience for students, and streamlining the admissions process, can eliminate points of friction for students.  

Below are ways Workday Student can help colleges and universities improve. 

Easy Academic Advising 

Helping students figure out what courses to register for their next semester or see the remaining courses they need to take to complete their degree is vital. It’s especially important around registration times when on-campus advising offices are extra busy and booked solid. Workday Student helps streamline academic advising, making it easy for students to understand their progress and for advisers to find the student’s information. Additionally, Workday Student gives students the ability to create academic plans, request overrides for prerequisites, and file accommodation requests rather than in-person or through email. Having these tools available to students on their laptops or mobile devices helps them make more informed decisions about their education. It takes away the guesswork and unnecessary stress from advising, allowing students to focus on their continued studies. 

Simplified Student Finances 

One of the most stressful aspects of attending higher education can be figuring out the financial aspects. Workday Student improves student experience by making bills, financial aid info and finance records all available in the same place their academic records are. Students can check their cost of attendance, financial aid awards, and scholarships to see a breakdown of how much they’re spending and why. Students can check on the progress of their payment plans and receive refunds. When they open Workday Student, they’re faced with action items to complete, making one of the more stressful and confusing parts of college uncomplicated and easy to manage. 

Cloud-Based System 

Workday Student is a cloud-based system, meaning it’s accessible across multiple devices and from any location. Students can check on their academic plans or finances at the library, or the comfort of their dorm. Keeping in mind the large presence of smartphone usage in our society, Workday Student made sure their software was mobile-friendly, giving students the freedom and capability of having everything they need in their hands, giving students more agency and control over their education and thus keeping them more engaged and less likely to leave. 

User-Friendly Engagement 

Since everything from advising and finances are included with Workday Student, they all have the same look and feel. Going from registering for a class to paying the tuition bill, is seamless and uncomplicated. Students don’t have to learn new software or struggle to figure out an outdated webpage. Workday Student has everything students need from admissions to graduation. The user-friendly elements of Workday Student helps to create a better student experience, helping improve college student retention. 

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