Compare Notes: Learn How Two Organizations Increased the Value of Their Technology Investments

Are you getting the most value out of your cloud technology? Most likely, you're running into many of the same challenges as your peers. After making an investment in finance and HR cloud technology, it's important to know how to leverage your technology investment for continuous improvement and optimization.

Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Familiar? 

Your company:

  • Has trouble communicating actionable data to decision makers
  • Needs to create reports and dashboards but lacks the time or technical knowledge
  • Needs added support during peak periods of the year, such as open enrollment or fiscal year-end
  • Plans to undergo a major event like a merger or acquisition in the future
  • Has ideas about how to improve workflows and operations but lacks the manpower to implement and maintain them
  • Wants access to on-demand support for resolving issues, with guidance on how they were resolved
  • Wants real-time advice on how to optimize processes, prepare for Workday updates, or deploy new functionality

If your organization relates to any of these scenarios, you could benefit from collaborating with a post-deployment Workday partner. The following stories show how two companies recently achieved true organizational transformation with expert guidance and additional operational support.

Optimize Across All Deployed Functions

Since 2016, Collaborative Solutions has supported a well-known company that specializes in armored car service, cash logistics, and valuable management services. The company was looking to increase the value of its Workday investment across all deployed functions through significant optimization.

Our Solution

We provided key recommendations to the company and implemented these recommendations, including integration enhancements, security design changes, and modifications to the company’s performance review and merit processes.


 As a result, the company optimized its Workday tenant across several key areas. Additionally, the company now possesses the framework needed to build out future roadmaps and has the day-to-day support it needs to manage its Workday operations.

 Leverage Support Where You Need It

Similarly, an online social media and social networking website based in Menlo Park, California, partnered with us for Managed Application Support. The social networking powerhouse engaged us because it faced competing challenges of maintaining flexibility to allow for rapid business growth with artificial barriers, while also employing new disciplines to allow managed, efficient expansion.

 Our Solution

Collaborative Solutions provided managed services and day-to-day operational support for functional and integration resources. In addition, our resources supported the company internally as part of its service delivery model.


Through this managed services model, the social media giant is able to focus its internal HR and technical resources to support strategic initiatives. The company benefits from our reliable, flexible support that not only streamlines its HR operations but also provides a scalable platform to match the growth in operations.

As you can see, there are many ways to maximize your technology investment, but our post-deployment services concentrate on four key areas that we believe are crucial to increasing ROI. With our help, your organization will be able to leverage data to make strategic decisions, achieve true transformation with expert guidance and advice, remove roadblocks with additional support, and execute key business events without increasing headcount. 

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