Consolidating Your Digital Infrastructure with Workday Extend

Organizations that want to have success operating in the modern world and benefit from a strong digital infrastructure often have unique needs for their technology platforms and processes. Digital infrastructure consists of the various technologies an organization uses to provide a basis for operations and IT. In order to increase responsiveness, become more flexible, and consolidate digital processes, leveraging tools such as Workday Extend will help companies maximize their adaptability and response time to new innovations. Workday Extend is an offering that helps organizations meet their unique needs by building extensions and applications in addition to delivering capabilities within Workday.

An organization’s digital infrastructure can expand to include new capabilities and innovation, but they should prioritize that these new processes be consolidated into one source of truth with a streamlined user experience. A study by Harvard Business Review found that only 23% of employees feel that their organizations support adaptability as a whole. This could be due to challenges such as departmental barriers, lack of consolidation and information sharing, or a lack of organizational agility. Workday Extend combats these issues by offering a toolset to build custom applications and create new workflows within the Workday application, helping to create a uniform experience and keep data secure.

Build and Develop Apps with Purpose

Workday Extend accelerates the development of apps by employing scalable and agile architecture, giving organizations the ability to build and manage apps with ease. The apps operate within existing Workday Finance and HCM applications and are purpose-built to provide optimal performance specific to organizational needs within the recognizable Workday interface. In addition, Extend seamlessly provides engaging people and finance apps that help to boost engagement, improve the user experience, and consolidate digital infrastructure.

An additional benefit of Workday Extend is its ability to reduce technological complexity and improve organizational agility by removing the trouble and cost of building an infrastructure from scratch. By building apps instead of infrastructure and avoiding the pain and potential for significant disconnect between processes and separate systems, Workday Extend helps to ensure that your organization’s digital infrastructure is consolidated under one connected platform.

Implement New Capabilities with Ease and Protect Sensitive Data

Organizations who want to broaden the power of Workday and successfully maintain these expansions can benefit from Extend’s ability to seamlessly deliver new developments across the entire organization. Unique needs in HCM and finance can be addressed, which helps to improve important areas of focus such as employee engagement. Maintaining a uniform, stable Workday experience across all applications is achieved as a result of all apps using the same processes and design language.

All companies want to protect their sensitive data, and Workday Extend helps to ensure that this is done by maintaining governance with the same login and security controls for any new apps that are built. Using the same login and security processes also helps to consolidate the digital infrastructure, as users no longer have to keep track and experience frustration from the disconnectedness of different platform logins, and data is stored safely under one umbrella.

Consolidating Digital Infrastructure with Workday Extend

Overall, the various benefits of Extend include its ability to consolidate digital infrastructure, break silos between enterprise applications, reduce internal overhead, deliver a more streamlined experience with the same look and feel as Workday, and gain a protected, integrated experience. Organizations can greatly benefit from the unification and integration of their applications, creating a better experience from end to end and expanding the power of their Workday investment beyond its central purpose.

Utilizing a certified Extend implementation partner such as Collaborative Solutions is helpful because we provide consultative sessions to ensure knowledge transfer to technical teams, offer continued assistance and support to build Extend application, and focus on true partnership. As a certified Workday Extend deployment partner, we hold the highest level of Extend certification and have the experience and insight to help organizations maximize the power of Extend.

To learn more about how Collaborative Solutions can help you leverage the power of Extend, check out our Workday Extend page.

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