From Run the Business to Lead the Business: How to Empower Your Organisation

Despite the common perception, a digital transformation isn’t really about technology. While technologies such as machine learning, automation, and the cloud can all help deliver better outcomes, the real value of modernisation is in how it allows organisations to be more strategic and focus on their key differentiators. By moving from a series of legacy systems to a single source of truth, organisations gain the time, data, and resources needed to operate on a more strategic level.

While Workday allows organisations to be more strategic, transitioning to this new approach is not necessarily easy. Aligning technology with strategy requires an organisation-wide commitment, strong communication, and a clear vision of the result. To achieve this, the C-suite needs to lead the charge toward modernisation with an unrelenting focus on outcomes and realising the most from their investment in Workday.

If you attended Workday Rising Europe in Milan, then you might have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn first-hand how to empower your C-suite so that they can align operational delivery with business strategy. As a  platinum sponsor for Workday Rising Europe, Collaborative Solutions hosted the From Run the Business to Lead the Business: How to Empower Your Organisation session. If you weren't able to attend it, read more below to learn how to show your C-suite how to bring strategy and technology together.

Teach Your C-Suite, Empower Your Business

To see the most ROI from a digital transformation, organisations need to ingrain strategy into every aspect of their business. Staff need to understand the value of change, be bought-in on the new systems, and have the necessary training to see the strategy executed. An organisation’s C-suite needs to lead the charge and embed a philosophy and culture of value, not just during the initial planning but throughout the transformation process and beyond.

Our session showed how the C-suite can work with key stakeholders in the organisation to ensure how the processes, people, and technology are in harmony.

View the presentation to:

  1. Learn the four key stages of value realisation.
  2. Gain insights on how they can establish a foundation for success early in the digital transformation process.
  3. Understand the business information model and the benefits of leveraging a Foundational Data Model Readiness Workshop.
  4. Learn to use analytics insights in order to create and execute data-driven strategies.
  5. Discover how to increase user engagement and improve the dissemination of information across your organisation using established change management practices.

By embracing technology, the C-suite can gain the time, resources, and insights necessary to operate more strategically. Aligning financial strategy with organisational strategy, breaking down department silos, and creating more agility within the organisation allows the C-suite to execute this strategy successfully.

Powerful Insights from a Leader in Digital Transformation

Collaborative Solutions is one of the longest tenured Workday Services Partners and has successfully deployed Workday hundreds of times across more than 125 countries. This presentation takes some of the key learnings around strategy from Collaborative’s years of experience and distills them into a 30-minute presentation.

By reviewing our presentation, your C-suite will no longer simply run your business; it will combine the power of Workday with sound strategy in order to drive the business:

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