Enhancing the Employee Experience with AI: What CHROs Should Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that mimics human intelligence to solve cognitive problems, and it is playing an increasingly important role in the modern world, providing a variety of different uses in our day-to-day lives. In professional settings, AI is being utilized across industries, functions, and teams to improve processes, increasing satisfaction from both employees and customers. One area in which AI has made substantial progress is in the employee experience. With employee engagement and satisfaction plummeting across all industries, keeping employees excited and invested in their organization is more important than ever. From recruitment, hiring, and onboarding all the way through alumni relations, AI has changed the way HR leadership interacts with and supports its workforce. AI technology creates a customized, personal experience that empowers employees to feel valued, cared for, and seen as more than just a number.

Phenom is an example of an AI-based SaaS platform provider that supports talent experience management and improves the employee experience overall. Through the use of AI technology, Phenom helps candidates find the right job, recruiters discover top talent, employees grow and evolve, and managers build the right teams. AI creates personalized experiences for those on both sides of recruitment and hiring, helping HR and recruiters to be more efficient and candidates to identify, apply, and fill their best-fit job more quickly. Enterprise management clouds such as Workday support AI by providing a unified single source of truth for all your company’s data, ensuring that information is accurate and can be found in one place.


The employee experience starts at the beginning stages of the job search, being set into motion before the candidate is hired, likely before they have even begun to apply to positions. AI technology enables 1-to-1 personalization and helps those looking for a job by giving best-fit recommendations and personalized content that matches attributes such as abilities, interests, and location. Potential candidates can then be connected to employers while helping them find the job that is right for them. Additionally, real-time recommendations display relevant jobs and dynamic content for candidates throughout each individualized end-to-end job search journey. Phenom’s AI tool offers personalized job tags based on a candidate’s recent activity and can highlight keywords and sentences in an organization’s job description to further engage target candidates.

By going through the preliminary recruitment stages in a customized, intuitive, and efficient way, candidate satisfaction starts out at a higher level, further strengthened by potentially improved employee onboarding processes. AI recruiting technology makes what was previously a time-consuming and unreliable process of job hunting easier for both candidates and recruiters.

Talent Discovery

Improving the employee experience and building a team of people who work well together can be achieved by matching the right employee to the right job, leading to a better experience for all. Making informed decisions from the very beginning creates intentionality and fosters the environment for a more satisfied employee all the way down the line. As a result, technology that can quickly source and match both internal and external candidates with open positions is the first step to enhancing the employee experience. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to help accelerate hiring by finding best-fit talent from previous applicants, active leads, and current internal employees. Taking important attributes such as skills, experience, past titles, and location, employers can find quality talent who fit the right criteria. For example, before even beginning to search among external candidates, Phenom AI Discovery displays the internal talent that matches potential roles in an easy-to-understand format. The prioritization and promotion of internal mobility is a great way to improve employee sentiment and satisfaction.

In addition to sourcing from within, Phenom’s AI Rediscovery helps employers find past applicants or alumni who have already been vetted to help fill open roles and engage them with job opportunities, making the hiring process much smoother. Another avenue that employers can take to fill positions with quality candidates is by utilizing Phenom’s database of over 100 million candidate profiles. Companies can access this network and view candidate suggestions based on attributes that they deem important, sourcing and building the best workforce possible for their needs.

Fit Score

AI recruiting technology enhances the employee experience by reducing time spent searching through hundreds of candidates’ resumes and profiles and instead allows recruiters to focus more on connecting with quality candidates. Phenom’s Fit Score helps to qualify candidates based on aspects such as skills, title, experience, and location. The time spent to fill open positions is reduced, candidates are better matched with the right job for them, and fit criteria can easily be adjusted if changes in requirements arise. The Fit Score allows employers to select an “ideal candidate” to improve matching, allocate must-have or nice-to-have skills, and make changes where needed. Attributes such as race, gender, disability status, or religion are not taken into consideration in the fit score, objectively highlighting the best talent and helping to avoid potentially biased decision making in the hiring process.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation reduces the time it takes to recruit and hire talent by automating tedious, time-draining processes. Recruiters and HR professionals with traditional, outdated processes often find themselves stuck needing to spend substantial amounts of time on meaningless tasks. By automating processes like sourcing, scoring, screening, and scheduling, the hiring journey is streamlined and made more efficient for both recruiting staff and potential candidates. HR teams are then able to refocus their energy to more important tasks which further improves the hiring process across the board. Additionally, data-driven insights provided by automation can help teams understand important candidate information and make the best decision possible in a timely manner.

Automation also provides helpful tools such as an AI scheduling assistant, which allows candidates and recruiters to schedule interviews with the ability to even sync calendars. This ensures that no time is wasted in the back-and-forth communication of finding open times or places to hold interviews. Further, automated video assessments are another way to conduct interviews on a larger scale, offering easy-to-use interview templates, interview status tracking, and response scoring.


The power of artificial intelligence in the workplace also helps companies to hire from within. Phenom AI powers Phenom Gigs, an internal talent marketplace that allows leadership to create listings for short-term work or projects, matching the right project with employees based on skills fit. Connecting projects to employees who are eager and excited to work on them helps increase quality and efficiency while also giving employees the opportunity for new professional development from within. Companies that offer their employees new projects to level up their experience and skills are much more likely to have increased retention and engagement. Opportunities are personalized to help teams and employees build new skills and meet changing demands within their industry.

Enhancing the Employee Experience

From end-to-end, AI is the future of the employee experience. Candidates want to feel valued individually for their potential to contribute to an organization, and once they are on board, for how they add value to the company as an employee. Similarly, recruiters and HR staff want to do work that matters, not wasting time with outdated technological processes. Artificial intelligence in the workplace, such as that provided by Phenom, solves these issues in the rapidly evolving professional world.

Those in leadership positions must be aware of modern technological solutions like AI to stay ahead and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. CHROs who are looking for ways to enhance the employee experience should look toward foundational platforms such as Workday, find a good implementation partner such as Collaborative Solutions, and leverage the power of Phenom AI.

To learn more about how to use AI to transform the employee experience with Workday and Collaborative Solutions, check out our Phenom page and contact us!

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