Conquering the Data Monster: An ERP Data Migration Story at Workday Rising

Stories are perhaps the best way to communicate information. They provide context, a narrative, drama, and ultimately resolution. Workday Rising is full of stories; stories of digital transformations that went smoothly. Stories of transformations that faced (an ultimately overcame) great challenges. But they are all important stories that can provide incredible insights for those who are embarking on their digital journey.

Of course, every story needs a challenge to overcome. In the case of Host Hotels, that challenge was an ERP data migration of monstrous scale and complexity. At Workday Rising in Orlando, Host Hotels will share its story about how, with the help of Collaborative Solutions, Host was able to overcome its cloud data migration challenges and slay the ERP data migration beast.

Here’s what you can expect from the session.

Conquering the Data Monster: How Host Hotels Leverages Workday to Increase Financial Efficiencies

Here is what you need to know about Collaborative Solutions’ session at Workday Rising this year.

What is the Session About?

With an international footprint, roughly 800,000 fixed assets coming from multiple 3rd party systems which were largely outside of Host’s central control, they faced a massive ERP data migration challenge with its finance transformation.

One of the primary goals Host Hotels listed for its digital transformation was custom reporting, which would allow it to be more strategic and agile. This provided an additional challenge since the complexity of their technology stack made it hard to determine the accuracy of their data. This led to a “chicken or the egg” dilemma, in which reporting was needed to validate the data, but data was needed to validate the reporting.

In partnering with Collaborative Solutions, Host Hotels was able to overcome this “data monster” thanks to a combination of ingenuity, collaboration, and careful planning. The project also required sophisticated custom integrations to ensure that all data flowed into Workday properly.

In the end, Host Hotels was able to not only consolidate all of its financial data into Workday but started seeing an immediate impact on their business, thanks to Workday’s reporting functionality and the insights it provided. In addition, Host Hotels was able to streamline its audit processes and automate a number of basic tasks in Workday, greatly improving financial efficiencies and reducing the time to complete close processes.

Why Attend the Session?

While Host Hotels’ story is unique, data migration can be a big challenge during any finance transformation. By attending this session, you will gain real-world insights on how to overcome cloud data migration challenges plus learn how to speed up the time-to-value of your financial transformation using advanced analytics.

Collaborative Solutions really took the time to understand our business and the complexities of our data migration, which was instrumental for our finance transformation. They were incredible partners throughout the entire process.

Sukhvinder Singh

Senior Vice President, IT

Host Hotels & Resorts

How to Attend the Session

You can hear Host Hotels’ story at Collaborative Solutions’ session at Workday Rising on October 16th from 1PM-2PM EST. To sign up for the session, visit Workday’s Rising site here.

Overcoming Cloud Data Migration Challenges with Workday and Collaborative Solutions

Host Hotels’ unique situation highlights what can be achieved by partnering with Collaborative Solutions and Workday for a financial transformation. Collaborative Solutions has been a Workday partner since 2007, making it the longest-tenured partner in the ecosystem. In addition, Collaborative Solutions combines its extensive experience with Workday Financial Management with a wealth of incredible talent and a client-focused approach to digital transformation, allowing it to help everything from large global enterprises to medium-sized organizations.

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