Customer Story: How INNIO Streamlined Their Global Enterprise with Workday HCM

INNIO, a provider of power and gas compression solutions across the globe, had recently separated from parent company GE and struck out on its own, requiring it to transition from their legacy HCM to a new system. INNIO had a hard deadline for transitioning to the new HCM, meaning the project needed to stick to a tight schedule.

In addition, INNIO wanted to provide managers and employees with more opportunities to self-service their basic HR tasks.

HR Modernisation with Workday and Collaborative Solutions

INNIO selected Workday as its new HCM solution because of the self-service opportunities that it provides.

To help deploy Workday HCM and Payroll throughout their global enterprise, INNIO needed a partner. After reviewing several referrals, INNIO decided on Collaborative Solutions, which provided a structured approach to transformation thanks to its CYNERGY™ methodology. INNIO was also attracted to Collaborative Solution’s high customer satisfaction rate and pricing.

HR Transformation Advice

For other organisations that are considering or about to begin the HR transformation process, INNIO recommends the following:

  • Stick with global processes as much as possible, for a truly unified solution.
  • Ensure you gain employee buy-in right from the start.
  • Ensure the right people involved with the planning from the start to help shape the plan and influence the community beforehand.

INNIO was impressed by the level of expertise that Collaborative Solutions was able to bring to the table and how organised Collaborative was able to keep the transformation process. Even with a packed schedule of work, Collaborative was able to instantly resolve issues and move the project forward.

Collaborative Solutions took on the responsibility of configuring INNIO’s Workday tenant to best meet the company’s needs. In addition, Collaborative was also able to help INNIO eliminate unnecessary business processes and change existing processes to better fit with their new HCM and payroll system.

As mentioned earlier, INNIO faced a hard deadline for the transition of its legacy system. If INNIO was still using the system past that date, it would incur costly penalties. This was made even more difficult when it became necessary for INNIO to change its organisational structure well into the transition process. However, Collaborative was promptly able to respond to this changing requirement and help INNIO to meet its deadline and deploy on time.

INNIO was so satisfied with Collaborative Solution’s efforts that it signed up for Collaborative’s Continuous Value Services to support its post-go-live efforts.

Immediate Benefits

Immediately after deploying Workday HCM, all of INNIO’s HR related data and processes fell under one platform across the organization globally. Also, employees were able to perform certain self-service tasks right after INNIO went live with Workday.

Thanks to the continuous knowledge transfer between Collaborative Solutions and INNIO, certain members of the INNIO team became subject matter experts in Workday and were thus able to help guide others in the company.

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