Need an HCM Tune-Up? Consider A Workday Services Partner

While simply switching to a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system can deliver a lot of value to an organization, such as by creating better visibility into your workforce or by providing more robust reporting, many of the benefits of an HR transformation project don’t really manifest until well after go-live. Even if your Workday deployment went off without an issue and you were able to achieve all you set out to do, you may find that after a year or so that you just aren’t getting the value from your system that you should be.

If you suspect that your Workday HCM system is due for a tune-up, then enlisting a Workday services partner could be what you need to ensure you continue to get the maximum value from your investment.

Here are a few questions to help you determine whether it makes sense for your organization to hire a Workday services partner:

Are you finding that some of the decisions that you made during your implementation aren’t serving you as well anymore?

Perhaps your reporting isn't leading to the insights you were hoping for or your workflows aren’t as efficient as you hoped they would be. By looking at the original goals of your HR transformation and comparing them to the current realities, you can determine whether to take a new approach to achieve your desired outcome or determine if your original goals were perhaps unrealistic or just off the mark.

A Workday partner can help you chart the best course of action to get you to where you want to be. More than just an outside perspective, a consulting firm will leverage its extensive expertise to help identify challenges, make recommendations, and then help with the implementation of these recommendations, whether that be cleaning or manipulating data, creating new automated reports, or building necessary integrations.

Are you facing challenges with the implementation of new features due to your original configuration?

Workday releases two major updates every year. While the system update happens in the cloud and doesn’t require your organization’s direct involvement to implement, if you want to take full advantage of the features introduced by these updates, then you will need to plan ahead for them.

One of the various reasons many organizations move to a cloud-based HCM system is to eliminate the need for manual updates, which can be disruptive and resource intensive. While not necessarily as time and labor intensive as executing an update on a traditional HCM system, modifying your existing tenant to adapt to a new update can require resources, the training of impacted users, and potentially new integrations. If the organization doesn’t have the internal resources to take these steps or would rather focus IT’s efforts on other business-driving initiatives, then it should consider outsourcing to a trusted partner.

Is your organization changing and need to change your HCM along with it?

The HR practice has undergone a radical shift over the past two years, with the rise of hybrid work, an increased reliance on contingent workers, and the need for greater HR agility. If you deployed Workday prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s possible that your HR team’s needs have changed radically since your original deployment, necessitating requiring some changes to your HCM to better align with these new realities.

An experienced Workday services partner can help update your tenant so that it better addresses your organization’s current or future needs. A partner can work with you to determine what your goals are and how best to align your HCM to meet those needs.

Is your organization planning to make mergers and acquisitions a key part of its growth strategy?

Mergers and acquisitions have become exceedingly common in 2021, a trend that will likely carry on through 2022 and beyond. In a number of M&A scenarios, it pays to have the system of record be well-tuned and ready to integrate with the other organization’s HCM or absorb its data.

Navigating the technical side of a merger or acquisition can be tricky. By working with a partner that knows how to either combine two Workday HCM systems or bring one (or both) of the organizations onto an existing Workday system, your organization can limit the risks while keeping your project moving.

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