Technologies Helping Retailers Reduce Time to Hire

Today, competition for top retail talent is fierce, and a slow recruitment process can result in missing out on exceptional candidates. However, traditional recruitment methods may struggle to keep pace with the speed required. By integrating technology into the hiring process, however, you can streamline the process and reduce time to hire. To that end, let us examine some of the technologies that can be leveraged by retailers to enhance their recruitment efforts.

Leverage a Cloud-Based HCM Solution

With a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution, companies can streamline their recruiting processes and hire with greater confidence.

These solutions offer numerous benefits that can help companies reduce their time to hire and drive business growth:

  • The cloud-based nature of HCM solutions provides scalable resources, allowing companies to easily adjust the number of users or functionalities as their needs change. This does away with the requirement for substantial initial investments and guarantees that the technology infrastructure can expand alongside the company.
  • The versatility of cloud-based HCM solutions allows for seamless remote collaboration among hiring managers and recruiters as they can be accessed from any location with a stable internet connection.
  • The built-in automation tools offered by many cloud-based HCM solutions also reduce manual data entry and speed up HR processes, improving the candidate experience in the process.
  • Cloud-based HCM solutions are easily integrated with other HR and business systems, such as applicant tracking systems and payroll systems, improving data accuracy and reducing the risk of errors.
  • In terms of cost savings, these solutions have lower upfront and ongoing operational expenses compared to on-premise solutions, freeing up the budget for other areas of the business.
  • A cloud-based HCM solution like Workday HCM is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn This also shortens the software learning curve, allowing HRs to concentrate on other pressing issues.

Apart from gaining agility and flexibility in the competitive retail field, the cloud HCM helps retailers to: 

  • Reduce the probability of human error
  • Avoid siloed information
  • Foster collaboration among teams
  • Increase productivity

Utilize Recruiter Experience Tools

Recruiter experience tools are designed to revolutionize the hiring process by automating mundane tasks and allowing recruiters to focus on what really matters—building relationships with applicants. 

Recruiter experience tools offer several solutions to improve inefficiencies and reduce time to hire. Some of them are: 

  • Video Assessments
  • AI Scheduling
  • Campaign handling
  • Messaging

Video assessments are a cloud-based technology that allows hiring teams to screen multiple applicants in a more efficient and time-saving manner. This is achieved by eliminating the need for physical interviews and allowing evaluators to access recorded assessments at any time. The process can be customized to suit the needs of each hiring team, with the option to pose questions in either video or written format.

AI scheduling takes the hassle out of scheduling interviews by relying on historical data to create an optimal schedule. This technology can identify trends and patterns in the hiring team's working shifts, freeing up valuable time and making the scheduling process easier for both retailers and candidates.

Messaging solutions such as Phenom's Recruiter Experience provide a more personal touch to the hiring process by allowing recruiters to reach out to candidates in real-time via text messages. This feature not only enhances the candidate experience but also allows recruiters to quickly develop campaigns to increase their talent pipeline.

Recruiter experience tools have the power to streamline the hiring process, enhance the candidate experience, and conserve time for all parties involved. By automating routine tasks, these tools allow recruiters to focus on building relationships and personalizing essential interactions with applicants, leading to a more people-focused hiring approach.

Automate Basic Recruiting Tasks

Automation can either eliminate or streamline many recruiting processes, allowing retailers to process applicants more quickly and get new hires up to speed sooner.

An automated onboarding system streamlines the entire process and provides new hires with quick access to all necessary information, resources, and equipment. Retailers can rely on this technology to handle tasks such as:

  • Setting up orientations
  • Matching new hires with a mentor or buddy
  • Delivering onboarding documents for review and signing
  • Sending new employees company swag
  • Providing the required equipment
  • Collecting new employees' views on the onboarding process

Automating onboarding minimizes security risks from human error and allows HR departments to focus on more meaningful work, such as helping new hires integrate smoothly into the company's systems and processes. All of this equals big ways to reduce time to hire.


Hiring in the retail industry requires swiftness and precision to attract the best talent. Automation provides retailers with a significant advantage in terms of speed and efficiency, allowing them to streamline the hiring process. By leveraging these solutions, retailers can not only save time and manage costs but also reduce time to hire and enhance the overall recruitment experience for all parties involved. This, in turn, increases the chances of attracting top talent to your organization.

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