Resolutions for Customers Focused on the Future

Have you implemented a new Human Capital Management (HCM) software in the last few years? Do you know how to optimize your tenant in 2018? Abbey Perkins, a Senior Principal in Collaborative Solutions’ Organizational Change and Training practice, shares a few resolutions for companies that have traded in their legacy HR software.

Get (Your Tenant) in Shape

No need to wait for the New Year, anytime is a great time to evaluate the guidance in your tenant and consider options for enhancing the user experience. Our picks:

  • Update Your Help Text—Are you getting the most out of your help text? A consistent format, headers, and accent colors makes help text more readable and appealing to users. Periodically reviewing the content ensures that the information you provide is up-to-date and useful to your users. This is also a great place to link to policy documents!
  • Enable Additional In-System Guidance—Want to provide step-by-step guidance to users while they complete processes in your HCM software? Explore the features pre-delivered within your system! Options such as guided tours provide users customized text on individual fields, including the ability to link to related documents or external sites (e.g., a Benefits provider). In many cases these features are user-activated, meaning you can elect to turn them on or off as-needed.

Try Something New

Today’s leading HCM systems offer a wide variety of enhancements for companies looking to maximize the value of their investment. Here are a few favorites for increasing user engagement:

  • Mobile— Smart phones and tablets are accessible by the majority of users, which makes now the perfect time to promote the benefits of your software’s mobile app, many of which are available on IOS, Android, and Windows. Many apps allow on-the-go access to view payslips, enter expenses, and track time.
  • Announcements— Does your HCM system feature announcement capabilities? Announcements allow you to provide important information across the enterprise or to targeted audiences. For example, if you have any new initiatives rolling out, a video message from leadership introducing new initiatives, embedded directly within your HCM system, is a great way to get the word out.
  • Surveys— It’s likely your organization is already collecting feedback from employees using a 3rd party tool. Consider utilizing a survey tool within your HCM software. The right tool for your organization should allow you create custom forms, distribute them with ease, and capitalize on the rich, existing data within your HCM system.

Focus on Professional Development

The future of learning is here!

The latest, most in demand tools for corporate learning take an innovative approach to creating, recommending, and delivering content. Look for systems that are video-focused, yet retain the ability to include more traditional offerings, such as in-person training. If you’re looking to refresh your approach to learning, consider the following:

  • Learning Campaigns—Utilize the rich data available in your HCM software to target learning campaigns and professional development towards those who will benefit from them the most. For example, when a recently promoted Manager starts their new role, use your learning system to identify this change and recommend leadership training to help them succeed.
  • Collaborative Approach—Enable experts within your organization to share their skills and experience by removing barriers to content creation and sharing. Leaders in corporate learning recognize that employees thrive when they are given ownership to not only expand their own skillset, but also contribute to knowledge sharing and development with their peers.

Vow to keep your HCM software fit and healthy by getting your tenant in top shape, expand your horizons, and focus on professional development! Your employees will thank you. For more information on our services to help put these practices to use, view our datasheet below.

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