Time Tracking: the Benefits to Organizations

Dear Collabie: My company is considering implementing Workday’s Time Tracking functionality, but we want to ensure it will be a good decision, given our expansive employee base. Why should we consider Workday Time Tracking in our upcoming deployment?

- Time Tracking Troubled

Dear Time Tracking Troubled,

Great question! We get this question all the time from our customers. The needs of every company are as diverse as their employee base, but one of the nice features about Workday Time Tracking is that it is scalable and functional for almost any company, resulting in measurable benefits for the entire organization. Below are a few examples of why Workday Time Tracking would be a great addition to your Workday deployment:

Fits Nearly Every Organization ‘Just Right’

Workday Time Tracking scales to fit different organizations needs. It scales globally to accommodate multiple countries and varying complex time calculations, and helps to reduce labor costs and minimize compliance risks. Workday Time Tracking can be easily configured to fit organizations that require employee shift work, various hourly rates, special pay tasks, overtime pay, and much more.

Makes Paper a ‘Thing of the Past’

Workday Time Tracking will allow your organization to move away from paper timesheets to automated time calculations that ‘do the math’ for you. By simplifying workforce management processes, the product allows for more productivity and less time spent supervising employee time management.

Promotes Evaluation/Improvement of Current Processes

Whether you already have another time tracking system, or are looking to deploy one for the first time, the process of moving to the Workday Time Tracking application will provide you the opportunity to evaluate your current codes and processes and find areas of improvement. Having your employees log their time in Workday Time Tracking also encourages them to take ownership for their hours worked and time off.

Custom Reports Improve Transparency

Custom reports can be built for Workday Time Tracking to provide a single source of information and transparency for your management staff. Reports will provide you with insight into various levels of the organization, capture details on truancy and absenteeism, and promote a consistent process across your employee base. This can be especially useful for organizations with multiple populations that may handle hours worked and payment differently (e.g., unions vs. non-unions).

Supports a Tailored Experience

Workday Time Tracking allows for a completely personalized experience. Based on your preferences, you can configure how hours worked are logged, create role-based time approval processes, implement alerts regarding time-related events, such as overtime, double-time, missing timesheets, and timesheets awaiting approval.

Finally, as a cloud-based application, Workday Time Tracking is completely accessible from a mobile device or tablet to support organizations with a dynamic workforce.

Workday Time Tracking functionality is proven to streamline workforce management processes for all organizations of varying size, scope, and complexity. From our perspective, it would be difficult to find a reason NOT to consider it as part of your organization’s Workday deployment.

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