The Value of Optimization Projects Following Digital Transformation

Undertaking a digital transformation is much more than just digitization, rather it is about fully implementing new technology and continuing to optimize processes as changes arise. No company that wants to remain agile and adaptable can consider merely implementing new programs and software as their final step to modernization and innovation.

Optimization projects help to improve and build upon current technology to maximize ROI and see the full value of a digital investment, thus providing continuous value to your organization long after a transformation is complete.    

A survey conducted by Forrester revealed that up to 93 percent of companies agree that innovative technologies are key to achieving their digital transformation goals. While digital transformation prompts the development and adoption of new processes, optimization projects are about improving upon technological performance and capitalizing on the improvements that new technology provides.

Often, digital transformation and optimization projects happen in parallel, building upon existing technological processes. When any company begins a digital transformation journey, there must be a plan of action for what will be done with the improved data and information obtained through more intuitive technology, and this is where optimization projects come into play.

Enhance Your Technology with Optimization Projects

Optimizing business operations involves making continuous improvements and enhancements in real-time by analyzing workflows, gathering feedback, identifying areas of improvement, and acting on any changes required. Organizations must be prepared to adapt processes as needs change or new workflows arise. This will ensure that a technological investment does not fall short of goals and expectations. Additionally, collaboration during optimization is just as important as the initial transformation, so companies must take strides to ensure that teams and leadership are united to embrace continuous change.

After deployment, organizations begin tackling post-deployment objectives such as assembling reports, building process automations, customizing new HR or finance systems, and ensuring strong employee adoption. As the project progresses, it is important that organizations keep a watchful eye on their processes and identify areas for improvement or refinement.

Implementation partners such as Collaborative Solutions can assess the current status of these platforms and find opportunities for optimization that companies may not have considered. We help to execute these optimizations with our Workday optimization services, ensuring that organizations can make the most out of their investment and stay competitive in the face of change.

Achieve a Competitive Advantage with Post-Deployment Support

There are a number of benefits for companies who utilize post-deployment support following go-live, specifically optimization services, but here are a few key reasons why all organizations should consider assistance after digital transformation and why it will help them stay ahead.

Customer Experience Management: Experienced help from deployment partners with managing and aligning expectations between technology support teams and leadership ensures a smooth transition across tools, processes, responsibilities, and knowledge transfer. Familiarizing teams and employees with new updates in technology allows for stronger adoption and a positive attitude toward change. Using dedicated service management provides great benefits in achieving desired business outcomes, as organizations that don’t have support after deployment often miss the full potential of their technology due to the inability to adapt to changes or unforeseen obstacles.

Advisory & Optimization Consulting: Implementation partners such as Collaborative Solutions help organizations gain an effective governance model, create an adoption strategy, increase user engagement, set measurable goals and metrics, enhance system efficiencies, and execute the planning of events. As support needs increase and decrease throughout the year, having the assistance of an implementation partner can make all the difference in continued success. Advisory and optimization consulting ensures that leaders view transformation as a continuous process rather than a means to an end.

Regular On-Demand Support: Continuous support after go-live is extremely beneficial for organizations who want to quickly troubleshoot and solve technical challenges before bigger issues arise. For example, utilizing Application Managed Services (AMS) after a Workday deployment helps organizations minimize maintenance costs and increase performance with consistent support from a Workday AMS provider. Organizations can receive as little or as much assistance as they need while still having the benefit of on-demand support. AMS providers also have the resources and experience to scale seamlessly and quickly as organizational needs change, helping ease growing pains and minimize disruption.

Optimizing Business Operations to Remain Agile

Digital transformation is an ongoing process and optimizing business operations serves as a way to embrace future technological change, breaking down barriers to innovation and collaboration. Technology and the digital experience are becoming increasingly complex with less tolerance for slow, outdated processes. Optimization ensures that new technology is being used to its full potential and that organizations will be able to remain agile in the modern world.

Collaboration across the company, comprehensive adoption of new technology, and the streamlining of processes are vital for future success. Workday service partners such as Collaborative Solutions have extensive knowledge and expertise of optimization services gained through years of working with various organizations across the world, and as a result, are able to provide more specific and impactful support.

To learn more about Collaborative Solutions’ optimization offerings, check out our Optimization Services page.

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