Get the Inside Scoop on Workday Planning

When you think of Workday, the first thing that probably comes to mind is – Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). You’ve always seen the applications as unified, with finance and HR functionality in one system. Organizations utilizing these applications enjoy the ease-of-use and intuitive experience of Workday, and are always excited about additional efficiencies. Building on the power of a truly unified experience, Workday is taking it a step further and delivering Workday Planning – a new approach to enterprise budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

Workday Planning is a First of its Kind

Workday Planning is a first-of-its-kind enterprise planning system that combines financial and workforce planning in the same system as transactions. Never before has a planning and forecasting solution been embedded directly into the system of record, where headcount and financial plans are seamlessly generated from live transactions and reporting structures—all without integrations with third-party technologies.

Obtain One Truly Unified System

Workday Planning is designed to address many of the challenges and frustrations organizations often experience with a disjointed planning approach. Users are able to generate, update, collaborate on, and submit financial and headcount plans, all directly within Workday using real-time data. Finalized planning results are immediately reportable to all Workday users without any time-consuming data reconciliation. Workday’s innovative technology renders disorganized system-to-system integrations a thing of the past, enabling faster planning cycle times and trust in both the plan and actual data.

Collaborative Solutions Chosen as an Early Adopter

We are proud to join Workday as an early adopter of Workday Planning. Citing Collaborative’s deep Workday experience (since 2007!) and proven track record of deploying cloud-based budgeting and planning systems, Collaborative Solutions is thrilled to be part of this transformational journey. Complementing our existing offerings in Workday Financial Management, HCM, Payroll, and Learning, Workday Planning has been a top request from customers and the market, and it’s exciting that we can now meet their needs in how they approach enterprise planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a collaborative and continuous way.

Workday Planning Complements Collaborative’s Existing Offerings

We believe Workday Planning will be a release for customers who have already moved core business functions to Workday, and have been eager to replace legacy tools and offline processes with the planning, budgeting, and forecasting functionality in Workday. Leveraging our experience deploying cloud-based planning solutions in the Energy, Education and Government, Non-Profit, Technology, Financial Services, Insurance, and E-commerce industries, combined with our deep knowledge of core Workday technology, Collaborative is uniquely positioned to maximize Workday Planning’s positive impact for our current and future customers. Collaborative has now certified two rounds of practitioners coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds in Workday Planning. We are now in the scoping and discovery stages for our own internal adoption of Workday Planning, and we are working with our existing customer base to explore possibilities within the application.

If you are interested in having a conversation about Workday Planning and what it can do for your organization, please visit us at this year’s Workday Rising in Chicago from September 26-29. We’ll be connecting with existing and new customers at booth #119. If you cannot make it to Workday Rising but would like to discuss what Workday Planning can do for your organization, click below.

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