Workday People Experience: Raising the Bar in Employee Engagement

How can we increase the productivity and efficiency of employees while also retaining their interest and increasing their engagement?

Studies show that 31% of employees never access their company’s intranet, and businesses around the world are constantly asking themselves how they can increase this number. However, it is a fine line between convenience of resources and overload of information. Workday has created a solution to help: Workday People Experience.

Developed with the purpose of delivering the best, most seamless experience possible to employees, Workday People Experience (PEX) provides workers with easier access to resources, personalized search tools, machine-learning powered recommendations, and interactive features between specialized teams and regular employees, thereby increasing productivity and cultivating further engagement.

People Experience can be categorized into three different pillars:

1. Workday Today

Workday Today, which is included with an HCM or Financials subscription, delivers a personalized, aesthetic, and concise homepage experience. By spotlighting an employee’s frequently-used tasks, worklets, cards, and announcements, the worker’s home page will be filled with the most relevant and useful information to him/her. Workday Today also includes Assistant, which is a chatbot that enables users to perform tasks and retrieve information using natural language processing. As it uses an intuitive conversational interface, Assistant easily points employees to the content they are searching for. Workday Today functionality is also available within Natural Workspaces, allowing customers to access Workday applications with a Teams or Slack integration.

2. Workday Help

Workday Help is an in-house service ticketing and resource portfolio solution that helps to keep all of your systems within the same platform. It is comprised of Knowledge Base Management and Case Management. Knowledge Base Management serves as a repository, allowing users to store their documents and link to/leverage the data already stored in Workday. Case Management allows for employees to log service tickets and HR experts to work on these cases without leaving the Workday interface. It can be used in conjunction with Knowledge Base Management to help deflect the number of cases entered, thereby solving the employee’s original problem while also decreasing labor costs on the service side.

3. Workday Journeys

Workday Journeys is the final pillar in this elevated employee experience. Administrators can create curated content-based paths that help guide employees through major life or career events, such as onboarding, promotions, manager transitions, maternity or paternity leaves, international assignments, etc. Instead of working off of inbox tasks, employees are supported all within the Journey itself which consists of internal or external links, embedded videos, knowledge base articles, learning content, or plain text. Workday Journeys also includes Custom Cards, which are cards that show up on an employee’s home page and can be configured to display the most relevant content to that particular user.

As early adopters of this brand-new product, Collaborative Solutions has invested in the necessary resources to properly equip their consultants with the training and support needed for success. The PEXperts team has created an entire library of branded resources unique to Collaborative to assist consultants in all phases of the delivery cycle. We meet regularly on a weekly basis and host monthly forums available for the entire company to discuss what’s new in the People Experience world.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to People Experience. Organizations will see a return on their investment in the form of simplified technology platforms, increased employee engagement, process efficiency, and a reduction in waste in the form of time, resources, and labor. We at Collaborative are well positioned to offer this premium employee experience to our clients and are excited to be at the forefront of this solution. Contact us to learn more. 

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