Achieving Faster and More Accurate Workday Testing

When transitioning to a cloud- based HCM like Workday, organizations often strive to keep the deployment moving on schedule while at the same time performing the testing necessary to ensure a solid, error-free deployment that instills confidence in its users.

Testing Workday, whether it is during initial deployment, or validating versioned and non-versioned updates post go-live, is critical for ensuring your production tenant will run smoothly and deliver a strong ROI. Workday always gets tested, it's just a matter of who you want doing the testing. If you do not have a solid, comprehensive plan backed by sufficient resources, it ends up being your end users who perform the testing. Issues are found, prompting users to log costly tickets and spend valuable time trying to resolve issues. In the end, they get frustrated and ultimately lose faith in the system.

But testing comes with its own set of challenges: the process eats up significant personnel time, it needs to be comprehensive, and it needs to be cost-effective.

Faster, Cost-Effective Workday Testing

Up until just recently, if you wanted testing to be done properly, it would cost your organization a pretty penny. Manual testing, even some automated testing solutions, required a great deal of human involvement to be effective. Utilizing the “record and playback” method of automated testing, for example, requires users to walk through a testing scenario so that the testing solution can “see” what steps to take and thus replicate the process. Scripted test automation, on the other hand, requires quite a bit of time spent manually coding test scenarios. This means that, to automate the testing process, an organization would need to dedicate more team members to the process, increasing costs and reducing productivity.

Utilizing a data-driven test automation solution that leverages machine learning (ML) to automate more of the testing process, reduces the need for human involvement, while simultaneously keeping costs down. For example, Collaborative’s preferred Workday testing solution, Turnkey’s RainierAEV™:

  • Provides test cases for all BP’s out-of-the-box to eliminate the need to record or script automated tests.
  • Mines data directly from your Workday tenants used to perform Business Intelligence analysis which models and visualizes what is really occurring in production.
  • Based upon in-depth data modelling, recommends specific tests to guaranty comprehensive functional and data validation
  • Automatically creates the test data for your tests using and integrated, rules-based engine.
  • Updates tests and test data sets as changes occur in the Workday Production tenant, including versioned and non-versioned updates
  • Runs test fully autonomously, significantly reducing burdens on personnel time
  • Performs thorough security group testing, including separation-of-duties validations
  • Auto-generates comprehensive reporting, including test results, visual records of Workday screens under test, auditor reports, Workday process documentation, and more.

By automating most if not all of the testing process and leveraging new technology like data analysis and machine learning, organizations can speed up and significantly improve their Workday testing while keeping their test teams small, or even eliminate them completely.

Cloud-based Workday testing tools can also help keep costs down while providing all of the above-mentioned benefits. A cloud-based tool can be provisioned quickly, usually within 4 hours, and, like all cloud solutions, doesn’t require any on-premise hardware (which can be expensive) and can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

Workday Testing Tools With Out-of-the-Box Processes

Another way to speed up the testing process is to start with many Workday testing processes already in place. Turnkey’s Workday Accelerator comes with processes in place for Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Financial Management, and other solutions, saving your organization the time and effort necessary to build these processes from scratch.

Faster, More Comprehensive Testing

While a testing solution should work as quickly as possible, it can’t do so at the expense of accuracy. One way in which some testing solutions “speed up” the testing process while trying to mitigate the risk data exposure is to utilize synthetic test data. Synthetic test data can be generated on-demand and if done properly does not have GDPR concerns. The problem with this approach, however, is that the majority of errors that occur in Workday production environments are in the production data itself. Examples include wrongly entered data, wrongly linked records, master data that does not take into account appropriate configurations, etc. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find data-related errors in ‘fake’ or synthetically-generated data simply because the problems and bugs are not there. Workday testing tools that utilize real production data in testing, and that can do so safely and securely, are therefore going to ultimately save your organization more time and money.

It’s also important to note that many traditional testing solutions don’t know what they don’t know, i.e., they can’t scan your application and identify gaps in your testing. This can lead to significant issues down the road when you find issues in production only to learn that you never performed the tests that could find those bugs in the first place. RainierAEV™ automatically identifies production data combinations that are not being tested and how frequently these combinations are being used in production. A single mouse click adds these tests to your automated testing regimen, thus ensuring your testing is as comprehensive as possible.

Delivering a Better Workday Experience

With the right Workday testing tool, your organization can ensure that its Workday production tenant is working properly and delivering an amazing user experience. Moreover, with the right tool in place, you can be confident in your data and thus make better business decisions. Learn more about how Collaborative Solutions and Turnkey can help your organization streamline your Workday testing and deliver better business outcomes.

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